Pro-Street Frame

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Neck Rake 42°
Down Tube Stretch -2
Back Bone Stretch +5
Tire 280/300
Specification Sheet

Right Front View

Left Front View

Right Rear View

Rear View

Left Side

Right Front

Right Rear

Swing Arm Shock Mount

Cone Cap

Shift Mount

Motor Mount

Left Rear

Left Side

Right Front

Right Rear

Right Side

Pro-Street Roller

Tubing is seamless drawn over mandrel material, all bends are formed with internal mandrels. CNC Machined billets are used for motor and front control mounts for reduced welding and custom appearance using blind holes wherever possible. Oval cross sections are used for increased stiffness and aerodynamic performance. Integral rear engine and transmission mount offers superior rigidity and design appeal. Down tubes can be straight or curved, round or oval cross section.